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Writers You Want to Punch in the Face(book)

"This is the story of Todd Manly-Krauss, the world’s most irritating writer. He’s a good enough guy in real life (holds his liquor, fun at parties, writes a hell of a short story)—but give the guy a social media account, and the most mild-mannered of his writer friends will turn to blood lust."

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First There Was March Madness, Now Poetry Madness!

Last April at Powell’s, we pitted 64 poets against one another in a Tina Turner-style cage match to determine The Best Poet of All Time. As you’d expect, it wasn’t pretty. Poets from all eras and every corner of the globe arrived armed with their meaty metaphors and their monster rhymes, ready to whoop some poet butt. But the most dangerous weapon of all? The dash. Our victor in the epic battle known as Poetry Madness was, of course, Ms. Emily Dickinson.​”

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