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The Academy of American Poets Announces the Recipients of the 2014 American Poets Prizes

Rigoberto González wins Lenore Marshall Prize

(to read the full press release, click here)

The Problem of Entitlement: A Question of Respect

"In my own experience, the Problem of Entitlement has gotten worse over the past decade and a half, and for three distinct reasons: first, the growing competitive pressures on aspiring writers; second, the pace and ease of judgment fostered by digital technology; and finally, the insidious cultural tendency of students to think of themselves as customers."

—Steve Almond (to read the entire article, click the post title above)

The National Poetry Series Announces Winners

Monograph by Simeon Berry of Somerville, MA, chosen by Denise Duhamel, to be published by University of Georgia Press

The Regret Histories by Joshua Poteat of Richmond, VA, chosen by Campbell McGrath, to be published by HarperCollins

Let’s Let That Are Not Yet Inferno by Ed Pavlić of Athens, GA, chosen by John Keene, to be published by Fence Books

Double Jinx by Nancy Reddy, chosen by Alex Lemon of Madison, WI, to be published by Milkweed Edition

Viability by Sarah Vap of Venice, CA, chosen by Mary Jo Bang, to be published by Penguin Books

15 Types of Poets

"If you think poets solely wear black berets and find words to rhyme with “suffocating” and “dark lake,” then you’re not far off. Just kidding. Poets come in all varieties, and the best way to become acquainted with us is by going to a poetry reading. There, you will experience the pleasure (read: slight-to-moderate agony; boredom; a room for you to exercise your eye-rolling muscles) of listening to a poet read his or her work for at least 45 minutes straight. During intermission, you’ll want to refill your plastic wine cup for survival, and that is when you will most likely run into a cluster of poets.”

(click post title for the full list of poet types)

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